How it all began
New Life Baptist Church lies on the edges of the Kireka slums, intentionally growing their church in a location surrounded by hardship, in order to be perfectly placed to reach out to the most impoverished in their community. With a desire to change the lives of the families in their area, the leaders of New Life Baptist Church began planning how they could make a bigger impact on their community.
2016: Hiring a carpenter, they began offering wood-working classes to young men and women in the area.
_____: The name Twezimbe, meaning “Let us build ourselves up,” was chosen for the program.
_____: Twezimbe was expanded to include teaching young men and women culinary skills.
_____: Hairdressing is added to the classes offered, making 3 options for incoming Twezimbe students.
2018: Twezimbe becomes a non-profit in Uganda, able to collect donated money to offer more support to their community.
2019: A US board of Twezimbe Africa is started, allowing people in the US to directly impact the lives of others across the ocean.
2019: The child sponsorship portion of Twezimbe is initiated, with two sisters being the first children sponsored!

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