Our Mission

We are working to end generational poverty in the community of Kireka, Uganda through vocational training for young adults, holistic sponsorship for children, and changing lives with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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About Us

Twezimbe is an indigenous ministry of New Life Baptist Church that is committed to helping the community of Kireka, Uganda, through educating children, equipping men and women, and changing lives with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Located less than 7 miles outside of Uganda’s capital, Kireka is a suburb of over 68,000 people.

Education brings Hope

In Uganda, if families can’t afford the school fees, children don’t receive an education. At Twezimbe, we believe providing an education to these children can break the cycle of poverty for the next generation!

Practice makes Perfect

Young adults get a second chance at life through vocational training at the Twezimbe classes, where they study under teachers in one of three different vocational focuses.

Local Partners

Twezimbe is committed to hiring local professionals as we strive to improve the community of Kireka. The vocational teachers, the social worker, and the construction crew are all local Ugandans being hired, and paid a fare wage, to use their skills to build up others in their own community.