Sponsor a Child

Change a Life

Sponsor a Child


Provide for your sponsored child's school fees, required supplies, and the mandatory uniform, so that the child will receive an education that can lead to a career!


Sponsored children will be served a full meal when they attend Center Saturdays.


Access to health care is a luxury that very few experience in the slums. Allow your sponsored child to receive access to a health clinic in the area when needed.


Children are vulnerable in the slums. Every sponsored child will have additional adults looking in on the child for security.

Choose the perfect Fit


one Time

General Fund

Give to children who are still waiting for  their long term sponsors.


Per month


Sponsor a child, and provide for their education, health, nutrition, and protection.


Per month

Sponsorship Plus

Provide assistance to unsponsored children in the community for an additional $2.

Sponsor a child today by emailing sponsorship@twezimbe.org !