Our Mission

We are working to end generational poverty in the community of Kireka, Uganda through teaching children, empowering women, equipping young adults, improving the community, and changing lives with the hope of the gospel of Christ.

Dr Richmond Wandera – Founder & Visionary

Dr Richmond Wandera is the pastor of New Life Baptist Church (NLBC), located in the Kireka community. Richmond grew up in Kampala city and joined a Compassion International project at a local church at the age of 8 after his family fell on hard times. Because of the opportunities provided through Compassion International, Richmond attended college at Uganda Christian University where he obtained his degree in Accounting. He then went on to attend Moody Graduate School and most recently earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Leadership from Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary.

Richmond’s vision for the future and passion for others is evident in all that he does. He, along with NLBC’s Board of Elders, desire to impact the Kireka community for the Lord, one person at a time. Through their work, lives are being changed by Jesus Christ and Kireka is learning there is a God who cares about them.


Elder Gerald Isabirye – Project Director

Elder Gerald Isabirye is the Project Director of Twezimbe Africa Uganda and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Elders of New Life Baptist Church, Kampala.  Gerald is passionate about transforming communities for Christ and helping people achieve organizational and personal goals. He has a heart to help vulnerable people reach their God-given potential through helping them attain relevant skilling and quality education.

Gerald is an engineer by profession and certified project management professional (PMP®) with over 20 years of working experience mainly in private and civil society. He lives in Kampala with his wife Joan and their children.

Racheal Besigye – Project Manager

Racheal has a passion to see a better Uganda/Africa with the youth championing in the lead.  She believes that everyone deserves a better life and there is something good in everyone.  She has been at the forefront to see that over 200 youth so far been skilled and graduated under Twezimbe Africa.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Admin from Uganda Christian University. While at university, Racheal was able to start a Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) chapter at Uganda Christian University, a youth leadership development program.

She is currently pursuing a Project Management Program (PMP) at the Project Management Institute, Uganda.

Rachael is married to Wycliff Besigye and they both live in Kampala with their daughter Ashley.

Sharon Akinyi Wodero – Women’s Coordinator

Sharon passionately believes that when effectively equipped and skilled, African women can rise out of poverty. She has given herself to learn skills like book-making and crafts which she now selflessly teaches other women under Twezimbe Africa. Sharon holds a Diploma in social work and administration and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Resource Governance at Kyambogo University.

She is Married to Oscar Wodero and they both live in Kampala with their son.

Ronald Zigwana- Children’s Coordinator

Ronald diligently carries out home visits to identify the vulnerable children in the community who require help with education and support in their general wellbeing.

Ronald has a strong desire to see children come to know Christ at the earliest time possible and he does this through teaching them Biblical principles like forgiveness, generosity and prayer. He also gives his time to helping them in developing skills and talents like playing instruments, dance, art and design.

Ronald holds a Diploma in Industrial art and design (textile and fabric decoration) from Kyambogo university. He also has a Diploma in Christian ministries (Pastoral ministry) from church Answers University (USA). He is also a Pastor, worship leader and community leader at New Life Church, Kampala.

He relentlessly pursues the dream of children attaining quality education. He been able to connect  over 30 children with sponsors through Twezimbe Africa. He has also been able to play and integral part  in the training of the Twezimbe Women in book making and Business management.

He is lives in Kampala with his wife Cissy and their 3 children.

How it all

Twezimbe began as an outreah of New Life Baptist Church, in Uganda. The church leaders had intentionally chosen to have their church meet in the slums of Kireka, in order to be able to reach out to the most impoverished in their community.

With a desire to change the lives of the families in the area, the leaders of New Life Baptist Church began planning how they could make a bigger impact on their community, and that’s when Twezimbe began.

The dream of Twezimbe first began when someone asked what New Life Church was doing to reach out to the youth in the community.  This began some great discussions about the needs in the community and what skills would be profitable for the youth to learn.

In 2016, Twezimbe started offering wood-working classes to young men and women living in the slums of Kireka. Since then, we have expanded to include teaching culinary skills and hairdressing.

What We Do Now

How We Are Growing

In 2019, a group of college students from Baylor University visited New Life Baptist Church. Relationships were formed, and friendships were made, and before the students returned to Baylor, they had made a plan to find a way to provide the necessary fees for two brothers to enroll in school.

And The Child Sponsorship Program was started.

Now, the doors are open for anyone to sponsor a child! With an application process in place to ensure that Twezimbe is providing help to the families in greatest need, we are trusting in the Lord to see this new branch of the organization grow this year.

Moving into 2023, Twezimbe will be focused on adding more children to our sponsorship program in the Kireka community, continue training our women to become artisans, and expand into a new community and begin New Life Academy, Buyende.

What will come next

How you can help

There is both a Ugandan board and a US board for Twezimbe, who work hand-in-hand with each other. Now, with Twezimbe established as a nonprofit in both countries, Ugandans can get involved to help their neighbors, and Americans can make an impact on the lives of others across the ocean.

Get Involved and make a difference by transforming lives today with education, empowerment, and spreading the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ!