Help New Life Baptist
return home

Since 2012, New Life Church hasn’t had a permanent place to worship. They had met in a semi-permanent tent structure until it was destroyed by a storm in early 2019. Now, they are close to finally being able to start meeting in their new, permanent church building, which began construction in 2020. This was a year when so much has been a struggle and a challenge, but the local and global church together GAVE beyond what we thought was possible, and now the building is almost complete! On the inside, there is still more work to do that the government requires to be completed before they can safely open their doors.
Let’s help our brothers and sisters in Christ be able to step through these doors and worship the Lord together again!


Opening Safely in the midst of Covid

Several safety items are needed in order for the church to be able to regather, this includes hand sanitizer, masks for all attendees,  thermometers, and a tent to send people to if they have a fever. The total need is $3,000.

Floor and Pulpit Area

We need 500 square meters of tiles for the auditorium.  One square meter (including labor) costs $17.6 USDTotal needed: 8,800 USD.

Side Doors

Two doors are needed that enter into the auditorium. Each door costs $110. Since two entrances/exits are left without doors installed. Total needed is $220 for both doors.

Entrance Terrazo

Terrazzo work is needed at the main door to handle the heavy people traffic and harsh external weather. Each square meter of Terrazzo is $13.5. Total needed for 75 square meters: $1,000.


Church Interior Walls

Covers the entire church wall painting costs for the entire church. Please consider covering this cost. 

Church Staircase

This is the front stair case. It costs $810 to complete this stair case with Terrazzo.

Please consider sponsoring this work to help us keep all God’s people safe when using the church facility. 

Paving Behind Church

Behind the church is very unsafe especially for children. With a gift of $1000, this place will be made safe for all.

Ramp Into Church

This important ramp to enable all people (especially those with disabilities) enter the administration, pastoral care, and ministry space.


Seating Areas 1 & 2

The church has 2 of these seating areas. Each costs $540 to finish. 

Seating Areas 3 & 4

The church has 2 of these smaller seating areas. Each costs $220 to finish. 



Please consider providing any number of bags of cement to help us complete and also handle corrections.

Each bag costs $8 USD


We need over 700 square meters of pavers to direct rain water drainage and also complete the exterior of the church.

Each square meter of pavers costs $9.5 USD